TEDxAthens 2012 Talks – Steve Vranakis

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Ο Steve Vranakis, στην ομιλία του στο TEDxAthens 2012 μας δείχνει τους τρόπους με τους οποίους μπορούμε να χρησιμοποιήσουμε την τεχνολογία προς όφελος της κοινωνίας. Μας μιλάει για το πώς μπορούμε και οφείλουμε να τη μετατρέψουμε σε ένα “εργαλείο” ικανό να μας εμπνεύσει, να μας διδάξει και να μας βοηθήσει να αλλάξουμε την οπτική μας για τον κόσμο.

“Making technology matter”, by Steve Vranakis

Technology has the power to change people’s lives and give back to society in a big way. Here Steve Vranakis, the Creative Director from Google’s Creative Lab in London shows how we can use technology to create platforms, programs and products that can be used to inspire, demonstrating how they launched the YouTube Space Lab project to encourage thousands of students to create school science experiments that could be sent to outer space and inspire the next generation of explorers. To date the channel has over 50 million views.

To educate, showing how they revealed the inner workings of the Internet by creating a series of experiments that could be accessed via the Chrome browser from a physical exhibition called Web Lab live at the Science Museum in London. Bringing the beauty and magic of the web to life to people from all over the world. Lastly to transform, the Re:code//Greece. project was presented that illustrates how we can use map layers and augmented reality to transform abandoned and unused retail spaces across Greece into new ‘micro-innovation hubs’ for entrepreneurs and startups. Helping radically reshape the countries landscape and putting technology at its heart.

DSC_3703.lr4Photo by Spyros Vathis

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